How to Fix Sign in Issues on HBO Now

It is really annoying to see that you can’t sign in to your favorite streaming service, such as “HBO Now.”

It is really annoying to see that you cant sign in to your favorite streaming service, such as HBO Now. Especially when you cant enjoy your favorite show on time. There are chances that you are facing the problem because of the connectivity issue, region restrictions, or security data such as passwords or usernames. If you are not able to sign in successfully, the below-given tips will help you out for sure.

1. Try alternate sign-in method

There is an issue with your browser if you are providing all the log-in information correctly and still not able to access the account. In that case, you need to close the HBO Now and open a different browser. After opening another browser, try to login with the associated account details.

2. Reset your browser

If HBO has recently updated some information, then you need to re-access the service on your web browser. Also, you might not be able to use the service because of the existing data of the service that is saved on the browser. The data include cache data, cookies, and more. Once you clear all the data, your problem might get solved. The resetting process is not the same in all the browsers, but heres the ideal way:

* Go to the browser settings section, which is mostly denoted by the gear logo in most of the devices.

* Then, find the clear browsing data option and click the cache and cookies option.

* At last, you need to close the browser, relaunch it, and then try signing in once again.

3. Make sure the login details are correct

A lot of time users enter sign-in information of other service providers and face the issue because of that. Hence, you need to ensure that you are not making the same mistake as well. Double-check the login details before entering. Once you are sure about the details, try to sign in with a different device and check what happens. If you dont want to face the sign-in issue on your browser, you can use the save-details feature. It will make things easier for you every time you will try to log in on HBO Now or other service providers.

Those who are still not able to access their HBO Now account, they need to choose the forgot password option. It will help you reset the password and solve the sign-in problem. However, the registered contact number and email address needs to be functional to reset your account password ideally.

4. Try restarting everything

Not only your browser, but even the device or router can also be the source of the issue. Hence, you need to check out this possibility by refreshing all the associated devices. Follow these steps:

* Firstly, you need to switch off the streaming device as well as the network router and wait for a while.

* Make sure that you dont shut down the device. Instead, use the restart feature as it is designed specially to fix all the existing errors.

* After restarting, launch a web browser that is associated with the service and try to login again.

5. Check restricted regions

Region restrictions are one of the primary reasons for the sign-in issue on HBO Now. So, check whether you fall in the supported areas or not. Heres the process:

* If you are a new user, go through the supported regions where the service is offered. Old users, who changed the locations recently, must check the supported areas as well.

* If you are an old user and havent changed the location yet, you need to explore the browser settings for VPN settings for sure. Firstly, you should close the browser and then restart it connect to the service once again.

6. Update from time to time

It is necessary to update the recently available updates to avoid issues. The new versions fix most of the problems at times and help users. You should try this method as well. If you are still cant solve the problem, clear all the app data and install the latest release from the start. Though, ensure that it shows compatibility with your device.


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