Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Service!

Majority of homeowner’s on a daily basis open as well as close their garage doors multiple times.

This, with time, can cause issues in the door and can disrupt its working. This is the reason why regular maintenance of the door is quite important. The maintenance not only prevents your door from getting damaged; also it will increase its longevity.

Generally, garage doors don't last for a long time; however, you can increase their longevity by taking care of doors properly. In order to prevent the issue from getting worse, its better to check whether your garage door is in need of repairs or not. There are many companies that you can choose for garage door repairin Lone Tree; however, remember to pick the best one for better results.

This blog highlights some signs that show garage door need a repair on an instant basis. Lets have a look at these!

Garage door wont open or close

This is a major issue that generally annoys the majority of people. In many cases, this problem occurs because of a faulty part like:

  • Worn cables
  • Malfunctioning of garage door opener
  • The opener has stripped gear

Springs in the garage door can also be the reason for this problem. Even, at times you will observe that your door is not opening properly. In such cases, theres a possibility that you need to replace its springs completely.

Noisy sound

Sometimes you will observe that the door is making a weird sound which is an indication that you need to repair your door. For instance, if you hear the rumbling sound then might be theres some issue with torsion springs. Popping sound indicates theres some issue with the sections. Banging sound indicates a defect in panels of your door.

If you notice any of these sounds then you need to repair your door as early as possible.

Age of your door

A garage door will remain in good condition for a specific time and in general, the lifespan of the garage door is around 30 years. If your door is old than 30 years, then you need to repair or replace it with the new one. If the door has a ratty appearance or if you notice that panels are completely rusted then its a sign that the door is old now.

Loose hardware

There are numerous hardware pieces that actually hold the door together like brackets, hinges and so on. Because of the vibration that the door experience frequently, there are chances that hardware pieces may become loose with time. This is the reason; you need to check them frequently. In case, if you feel difficulty in determining which pieces get loose, you can contact the company for repairing it.

Difficulty in lifting it manually

Automatic doors lift itself; however, you can lift the door manually too. The springs are actually designed for making the process of manually lifting the door easier. Thus, if you face difficulty in lifting the garage door then its a sign that theres some issue with the springs. The only solution is to get it repaired by hiring professionals.

Bottom Line

Hope this article has helped you in knowing more about the signs of garage door repair. Its quite difficult to repair the door on own since you are not aware of techniques for repairing it. Leave it on professionals as it's their day to day chore and they can perform the task properly and with much ease.

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