Instagram Promotion: Myths and Reality

Instagram Promotion: Myths and Reality

Are you a businessman? Marketer? SMM box? Absorbed in articles and dont understand what Instagram promotion should be like? Exhale. Understanding what effective online video advertising is is not difficult. A few dispelled myths, and life, as well as the promotion of the account, will sparkle with new colors.

Myth 1: Its forbidden to write Like.

Misconception : You will beg for likes - the publication will leave in a shadow ban, there will be no coverage.

Reality : As simple as the world.) What is prohibited is spelled out in Instagram rules. And while in this list there is no way to complain about the like. So sleep well, the network will not deprive you of coverage and will not be banned for asking to save or like the post.

Myth 2: You can not reload the post

Misconception : Once posted, deleted and posted again - say goodbye to the scope of this publication.

Reality: There is no evidence of the above. Another question is if you post again what subscribers already saw earlier in your feed. A little coverage in this case really can be! But there is no sorcery here, people simply did not react again.

Myth 3: The text is not important. The main thing is the picture.

Misconception : Instagram is a visual network. Nobody needs your texts.

Reality : Yes, the first thing that will catch on is indeed the visual content, but the next thing that a person will respond to is the text. And the more informative and useful its content will be, the more likely it will be to like, save a post, subscribe to an account and follow your feed until the end of its days.)

Myth 3: There should be a cheat of subscribers.

Misconception : Do not cheat subscribers, new ones will not subscribe.

Reality : First, because of the wrapping up, you will not have reach and involvement. Secondly, only high-quality content, targeting, advertising in fb or third-party accounts can increase the number of subscribers, and most importantly, a verified strategy for promoting your Instagram account. Otherwise, SMM production would die out like a subspecies of dinosaurs.

Myth 4: Post as much as possible.

Misconception : The more publications, the higher the coverage.

Reality : Only quality, not quantity. Only phased goals, a verified content plan, analysis of the account and the target audience really work. In the race for imaginary numbers of coverage, you will only lose subscribers. Theyll just get tired of having your posts everywhere and cancel your subscription.

Myth 5: Bloggers will promote your account. They do not care what to promote.

Misconception : Pay the blogger and live in peace. They post everything in their feed and take real pennies for it.

Reality : There it was! Promoting popular bloggers on Instagram is, firstly, not a cheap pleasure, and secondly, they will not undertake to advertise everything that they are asked about, because they value their audience very much.

Remember : each sensational blogger has strict limits on the amount of advertising, strict censorship, and, of course, a month's turn ahead.

Myth 6: You will promote Instagram without ads.

Misconception : There are many services with which you do not need SMM production. You can manage without it.

Reality : Of course you can! Question: how?) A story about promotion without money is just marketing tricks of the cheat services. So do not console yourself with the illusion of free cheese. One-two-three and your account in the mouse trap. Real people no longer see him, your reach flies into the firebox, and you, as a drug addict, pour money into the ditch of the automatic like again.

Scary? Then here you are, in truth, a sedative pill: do not look for easy and quick ways. Go to the goal slowly and consider everything you do along the way. Not sure what effective online advertising is? Understand that brand promotion is not your thing? Dont take this load on yourself!

Remember: SMM promotion doesnt hurt.) The main thing is to find those who know everything about the phrase business advertising in social networks.

Well, as the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Successful business for you! We will always be glad to see you in our office! Address you know!)