Stuck In The Situation Like - Furniture Not Going Through The Doors?

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Imagine you are all set to go, did your homework well, packed your things up and moving your household goods one by one to the moving vehicle but at the time of moving your large couch something unexpected pop up that is couch is too large to go through the doors. I know you didn't see that coming.

Don't worry if thats the case because todayPackers and Movers Ahmedabadare bringing 10 tips to solve this unforeseen obstacle for carrying out your move smoothly.

Measurement Of Furniture:

When you are moving to a new location its best to measure your large house items before hand so to avoid getting stick on such situation, we all know prevention is better than the cure.

It's a very simple step- just measure your furniture dimensions and then measures your hallway and doorway and at last finally compares the results to get a conception for your next step.

Below are the idea of how to measure a couch or any big furniture, so get ready with your measuring tape and follow the below tips byPackers and Movers in Ahmedabadtips.

  1. Height:measure the height of your furniture from the floor to the highest point of couch usually it's a backrest part.
  2. Width:Measure the distance between the two widest parts on the couch sides.
  3. Diagonal height:diagonal height will help you to know that furniture will pass through the small opening when in a standing position or not. Take you measuring tape and measure the distance from the front corner point of armrest to the opposite back corner of the couch.
  4. Depth:for this measure the distance between the two deepest points, one on the front of the couch and second on the back.
  5. Diagonal depth:measure the distance between the top left/right corner of armrest to the opposite bottom corner of the couch.

Measure Your Doorway:

For making sure that your furniture will safely arrive at your moving vehicle or in your new home, knowing your doorway, hallway and any possible way from where your furniture will go is must. Its nothing complicated just measure the width and height of door, hallway, staircase, railing and elevator. Now you have dimensions of the doorway or hallway in your hand, compare it with the moving item measurement such as couch and know are in a safe side or not. Have you packed your household goods well and safely? If not then contactand secure your precious goods for the move.

Evaluate available options:

Whether you are moving your large furniture in or out, you should evaluate the available option so to choose the best option. After following the above 2 steps you have 3 possible scenarios.

Scenario 1- your large furniture will perfectly make it to your moving vehicle or new home.

Scenario 2- your furniture is bit bigger than the size of your doorway or hallway thats not a problem as there are ways to squeeze it safely.

Scenario 3- your furniture is way too big for the doorways and hallways and even for the intended exit part. Still don't worry thats for whatPackers and Movers Rajkotguide is.

Dismantle your oversized furniture:

If you are stuck in scenario 2 or 3, then its time to use your resourcefulness by taking some of the several steps to solve these obstacle of oversize furniture.

Dismantle the parts of your oversize items so to reduce overall size of the main frame, if its possible to break down the whole into the smaller section then just do it. In most cases furniture legs causes the main problem so see if you can detach them.

Remember to pack the dismantled items carefully and safely.

Enough manpower is must!

If you are not hiring any removal company then ask your friend for help at least gather 3 people for assisting you in this moving job. Off course we need enough manpower for passing our heavy couch from that tiny door. So inform your friends within enough time, if not then don't hesitate contact your Local Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad.

Try different angle:

Off course there will be at least one option to make it out your large furniture to that door because that happened when you first time brought it in. You just have try, work slowly and be calculative, think about the optimal exit angles of the furniture item in alliance with the smaller opening.

You can also try this option- stand your furniture on its back vertically and slowly try to twist it into the space of doorway until you get the right angle.

Try squeezing it:

Sometimes we only need few inches to fit our furniture through the door or hallway, for example what to do if sofa is not going through the door answer is try to squeeze it.

When it comes to sofas or couches they do have soft sides which can he compressed without any damage. Before you begin with it wrap your sofa in stretch sheet so it won't get dirty in the process, also dont forget to wear protecting gloves while working on moving and mind where you place your hands.

You can contactPackers and Movers Suratfor knowing the moving quote for your Household move.

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